Monster Legend Mod Apk latest 2019

Version 9.0.11
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Users reviews about Monster Legend Mod Apk latest 2019

Monster Legend Mod Apk
Monster Legend Mod Apk

Jane Hene

Everytime there is an update it always has glitches. Some can be very costly. Especially in the wars and race quests when the game shuts down at the end of the fights after you win. It becomes a loss. Just updated today and it caused Facebook to disconnect. Lost all stanima from friends and also can't get reconnected to Facebook so can't send gifts or stanima. Need to fix Global chat. It still has a lot of dirty vulgar trash talk and racial slurs. I would not allow my kids to be on the game.


Ryan McPherson

I loved this game, it was one of my favorite games until I had to deal with they're customer support. I took advantage of an area in the game where they ask you to download other games and make a purchase in them or complete a challenge to recieve gems, (gems are the currency in this game, how to acquire more monsters). I followed the exact detail, I downloaded a game I have never played before and made a purchase... BEWARE!! THEY DIDN'T HONOR THE TERMS, THEY SENT A RUDE EMAIL JUST DENYING ME

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